Aeran Holidays

--Ever-bright Flame--
Around the time of the Winter Solstice, the Aeran Kin take the Long Night to remember the friends and lovers they left behind in Larandor. Every light in the city is doused save the Ever Burning Flame atop the lighthouse. The Wavespeaker and priests then light a single torch from it and carry it back to the waiting crowds below. From that torch, a bonfire is lit.

The Aeran Kin then make sacrificial offerings to the flame- sometimes items, sometimes words written on paper with remembrances. Prayers are offered for those left behind and a hope Aereth can guide them to safety. The Aeran then light a lantern from the bonfire and bring the light back to their homes to rekindle their hearthflames. The priest presiding over the event, usually the Wave Speaker, stays with the flame until it burns out completely. They then collect the ashes and give them back to the sea.

--Cleansing of the Waters--
In the summer, when the weather is warm and fine, the Aeran step into the fresh waters that flow into the sea and perform a ritual of cleansing to wash away whatever wrongs they have done to others. They ask Garwen and Aereth to help them forgive one another and exchange gifts, apologies, and offers of simple service.

For those for whom general forgiveness is not possible or for a friendly show, the Duel of the Waves tourney is held in the shallows of the sea. What started as a duel between captain Diala Alcaldia and her first mate Lortain Reymar over a woman soon became a cherished tradition which was brought over from Larandor. Crowds gather by the seaside and celebrate with drinking and beach bonfires. Duelists stand in knee-deep water and fight til one party yields to the other. The occasional death has happened when neither combatant seeks to yield or an old rivalry is being settled. The victor is given a crown of shaped driftwood.