Aeran Racial Ritual

Name: The Blessing of Larenos aka The Ocean's Gift


This ritual is said to have been originated during the time of the Ogre Wars, and was created by a priest of Aereth known as Larenos. Legend has it that during one of the many times the Ogres sacked Loramar, the ritual was used by the elves of Loramar to retake the city. During the ritual, the elves would tattoo themselves and imbue those tattoos with magic by tapping into the Lifewell. The elves blessed with the ritual were able to use the cover of night to swiftly swim across the harbor to assault the city and drive the ogres occupying it away. When activated, the tattoos would glow with a faint aquamarine color.

During the First Migration, the elves that remained in Loramar called themselves the Aeran and adopted the tattoos and the ritual as part of their culture, imbuing the first tattoo received by an Aeran elf with the power of the ritual. More recently, during the Third Migration and after the arrival to Aarandor, the Aerans found out that the magic imbued into their tattoos now also allowed them to breathe underwater, as long as they remain conscious.


The Ritual of Larenos is usually performed by the Wave Speaker or a priest of Aereth. However, other Aeran priests can also perform the ritual if neither are available. The priest must bless the ink to be used on the tattoo, and if performed by a priest of Aereth, this is done while half submerged in a body of water. If for whatever reason the ink is not used within a day, it loses it's magical properties. The elf receiving the tattoo must have cleansed themselves before receiving the ink, they can do this by submerging themselves within a body of water or if one is not available, washing their face, hands and feet with water blessed by a priest of Aereth. Once the tattoo is finished, it will briefly glow an aquamarine color, as indication that the magic has held. Further tattoos do not require blessed ink, but when applied to someone with a Blessed Tattoo will also glow when the racial ability is used.

Effect: Swim Speed (Double normal elf swimming speed), Underwater Breathing (Must be conscious, only works in Aarandor.)