Players are allowed to have two characters so long as neither of their characters overlap in any meaningful way. Guidelines for overlap are as follows:

- You may only have one character in a leadership position.
- Your characters may not be from the same kinship. If you marry in to the same kinship you might be asked to give up one of your alts depending on the circumstances.
- Alts may never be in the same room together.
- Alts may never provide support for one another.
- There is a three-month cool down on being able to play in the same organization as a previous alt.
- Alts should avoid having similar relationships.
- If someone makes it clear they don't want to interact with a specific player, that player may not take an alt to circumvent the first players wishes. Aka, don't be creepy.
- You may only have one priest character.

Exceptions to these guides can be made to ensure good storytelling, but they will be decided on thorough discussion with staff and not assumed.