Animal Companions

For the Faenor, Wolf Companions are a very important rite of passage. Bonding Ceremonies, where Faenor bond with their wolf companions, take place whenever a Faenor comes of age. The breed of Snow Wolves is a very particular breed found only the highest peaks. They are a little larger than normal wolves and live quite a bit longer.

For the rest of the Kinships, bonding with animals is a common but less formalized experience. Duindar and Aeran Kinships use animals as message carriers as well as companionship. The Lorandi are known for their horse breeding and form rather strong bonds with their steeds. The Thalerith Kinship lean more on their animal companions as partners in combat and tend to lean more towards vicious beasts.

Note: To help us cut down from any confusion on what is and isn’t allowed, we have created a list of acceptable animal companions!

Small Animals (companions and carriers) - Dog, cat, rat, turtle, lizard, raccoon, chicken, guinea pig, pigeon, goose, swan, duck, ferret, dove, rabbit, canary, finch, mouse, mink, fox, hedgehog, hawk, falcon, eagle, sparrow, owl, robin, frog, snake, spider, scorpion, bats, otter, raven, hummingbird, parrot, wolverine, badger, starling, opossum, puffin, seagull, pelican.

Large Animals (mounts and fighters) - Horses, bulls, sheep, rams, deer, reindeer, wolves, lizards, jackals, coyotes

===Mythical Animals===
Sometimes, when out on an exploration, a group can run in to a mythical animal! That being an animal that is unknown to elfkind before that discovery. And sometimes, those animals are domesticatable! When they are able to be domesticated they will be placed on this list below and anyone can have one as a pet. If you are part of the org that found the animal, you can +request to have staff make you one for half the resource cost. (large animals usually cost 100 military, your +requested large animal would cost 50 military) This list will be update as things are found and made available:

Small Animals
Ice Elementals - Gifted to Relios by the Ice Watcher General on 5/20/52 PA
Tree Elementals - Gifted to Erotas and Kiros by the Tree Watcher Sage on 6/24/52 PA
Water Elementals - Gifted to Mhris by the Water Watcher Sage on 10/5/52 PA
Sand Elementals - Gifted to Lyandra by the Sand Watcher Sage on 10/1/53 PA
Rock Elementals - Gifted to Zedmir, Rawlin, Seren and Kaelyn by the Rock Watcher Sage on 10/3/53 PA

Large Animals
Eelhounds - Discovered by House Reymar on 2/6/52 PA
Plains Lions - Discovered by House Tenlindil, Nalduine and Monstald on 4/17/52 PA
Tigers - Discovered by House Nerea on 1/25/53 PA
Stag Moose - Discovered by House Laenorin on 5/7/53 PA
Snow Leopards - Discovered by House Reid on 8/12/53 PA
Panthers - Discovered by House Geminiel on 12/13/53 PA
Hellpigs - Discovered by House Nalduine on 5/19/54 PA
Battlecats - Discovered by House Aynarr on 6/1/54 PA