Army Guide

===What is an Army===
In Ithir, an army is the NPC units a Kinship has control over that are displayed in @army. Armies are always managed at the Kinship level, rather than the House or other smaller Org level.

===Ways to Manage an Army===
There are two ways you can manage your Kinship army. Separate in to sub armies, or keep them in one in-tact.

First, you can divide your army up in to several smaller armies by using @army/split and @army/transfer. Those sub-armies can have new generals, and those generals can assign commanders to their various unit types. Keep in mind that every Kinship has a designated Kinship-General who should have IC dominion over all those sub-group armies. The advantage with this method is to divide up the responsibility a little more and empower your military types, as well as have smaller military groups you can attach to an @action with less risk. The downside is that its a little all over the place and harder to follow.

Second, you can keep your kinship army in tact and divide up your units in to different commands. Using @army/split you can split out different unit types to assign commanders to, or simply assign a commander to look over all archers, all infantry, etc. The benefit with this method is that you are only dealing with one @army and it is easily manageable. the downside is that when you want to use your army, the whole thing goes together.

All commands around @army can be seen by using 'help @army'.

Can my House/Priesthood/Knightly Order/etc have an @army?
No, @army is for the Kinship Level. Your Knightly Order is often seen as the special forces group within the larger Kinship army but would not command an army of its own. A House or Priesthood would also not have their own army.

Are Level, Equipment and XP important to my @army?
Nope! These were features that were added in to the code base and never fully fleshed out. They don't do much of anything.

What does 'General' mean in terms of @army?
The General of an @army is the person who commands it. This may or may not be your Kinship General for any given army. Though the General has IC dominion over all Kinship armies.

What is the difference between Domain and Location?
The Domain of your army is who the @army serves. This should be pointed to a Hub city to signify that this army serves the Kinship. The Location is where this army is physically located. If you have a Navy sub-army located at a harbor settlement, location is where you would indicate that.