It is known that Brundir controls the heavens. The movement of the Sun and Moon are his to control, as well as the very stars themselves. Most Astrologers have agreed that Stars are representative of Souls. Each twinkling light represents a soul on the great wheel.

Four major constellations are written about in the history books and have existed for as long as records have been kept:
- The Hammer, a cluster of stars that make up the shape of a great hammer in the night sky have been given significance to the Dwarves.
- The Stallion, a cluster of stars that make up the wild bucking stallion that is associated with the Humans.
- The Hearth is a cluster of stars that make an arch type shape filled with warmer colored stars in the center. It is associated with the Hearthlings.
- The Great Tree, a grouping of stars that looks like the ever growing branches of a tree. This is associated with the Elves.

After the Eradication War, only the Great Tree can be clearly made out among the Constellations. The other three are only seen on very rare occasions, very dimly lit in the night sky.

===Moments of Notable Astrology History===
- During Estril's Feast, 500 stars went black, never to be lit elsewhere in the sky again.
- The Third Migration saw 3/4ths of the stars shift in the night sky, disappearing from one location and reappearing in another.