Baridon Rituals And Practices

Those looking to be initiated into the priesthood of the Blood God, must take a blood oath of their own, binding them to the order and the upholding of its beliefs. Initiates often serve as mediators and arbiters in disputes, with each side accepting the word of the initiate or priest as the final decision on the matter. It's common for priests of Baridon to be chosen by rulers to help adjudicate within their kinships or houses, hiring them to perform such duties. They also perform marriage ceremonies as requested, and are often consulted by the faithful that might be looking to interpret the will of the gods as a whole. Finally, some priests decide to join the Sacred Order of the Blood Templars, or Blood Templars for short. They were originally created uphold the laws of Thelos and the hunt down oathbreakers.

Services: Services performed by priests of Baridon often have them preaching about oaths and promises and the importance of keeping one's word to others, the gods, and yourself. During marriage ceremonies, they often remind those getting married that marriage is not a bond of love, although love can be present, but something more, something greater. The promises made during the marriage vows bring both lives together, and such bonds should only be broken with the blessing of Baridon. Divorces are possible, but they're only honored when the oath is dissolved before the priesthood of the Blood God.

Blood Oaths - When two elves wish to make an oath before the gods, they ask for a priest of Baridon to oversee their blood oath. It's a small ceremony that has the participants slicing their hands open, and pouring the blood from their respective wounds into a small golden cup. The priest then uses the cup to fill two sides of a scale, until they're balanced. At that point, the participants make their promises to each other, and the priest offers a prayer to Baridon repeating the details of the blood oath. Once this is done, the pact is sealed and breaking the blood oath could get someone labeled as an oathbreaker.