Brundir Rituals And Practices

Initiates spend one month living diurnal lives, and another month living nocturnal lives. They learn how to read the stars, and often serves as navigators on ships or land expeditions. All priests are trained on how to help deliver a new soul into the world, and having a priest of Brundir present during the birth of a new elf is quite common. Some priests learn restoration magic or more mundane healing methods and dedicate themselves to caring for delivering parents or Birth Mothers. Often, they are called to be present during the Ritual of Returning performed by Glanor's priests in order to help assist the released soul find its way to the Wheel. Finally, they serve as consultants to those wishing to be parents, performing the Ritual of Rebirth where they ask Brundir to bless the couple with a child, if the parents are found worthy by the priest.

Services: Services are often performed in shrines with open ceilings that allow one to observe the celestial bodies filling the skies. However a priest alternates the services they offer between daytime and nighttime. During the services, the priests preach about the importance of the Wheel of Souls, and living good balanced lives to help guarantee the next one follows suit. They educate the faithful on astrology, and during night services they perform star readings if there are clear skies. When speaking of past large scale tragedies during services, they are quick to blame the Awakened, declaring them the abominations they know them to be.

Blessing of Rebirth - This blessing is usually given to expecting parents, If both parents are present, the priest puts a hand on each of their shoulders, if only one is present, one hand goes to the shoulder the other over the faithful's heart. A short prayer is offered to Brundir, asking for protection of the soul of the future child. The blessing tends to be offered at the end of services, with the faithful forming a line to receive it, before departing from the location of the service.