Symbol - A swirling yellow nebula on a blue background.

The God of the heavens, of death and rebirth. He is the balance that guides all life, mortal and immortal alike. He sets the sun and moon in motion, and the light of his stars shines for every soul passed through his hands. For the souls he guards are finite, and not to be taken for granted.

The Priesthood of Brundir are the guardians of the wheel, the cycle by which all life passes through. Brundir, through his Priests, passes life in to the hands of worthy elves. He works closely to shepherd those souls no longer meant for this world back in to the wheel and as such, keeps a close connection to the Priesthood of Glanor.

Surrogacy. The Priests and Priestesses of Brundir have the sacred duty of being surrogates for couples that can not physically produce a child on their own. Through a ritual involving the couple hoping to care for a new soul, the priests and priestesses take on the role of Birth Mother or Birth Father. But the child will ultimately go to the couple.

Note: Birth Mother and Father is a position held by NPC members of the clergy.