Building Guide

This guide will walk you through building your own rooms in Ithir. Start off by finding a suitable space on the grid that makes sense for your character to build on. If you find that you cannot use the build commands in your desired location, but you think the build's location makes sense, please send in a +request to staff asking for build permissions.

The first room of each build costs 25 economic resources, with every room after that increasing in cost by 25 per additional room. For example: a second room will cost 50, a third room will cost 75, and so on.

===Initiate Build===
(+buildroom/org and +buildroom)

From your selected build location, you should use the +buildroom/org command for org affiliated construction (family homes, priesthood apartments, etc.) or +buildroom if the build is completely independent out of your own private funds.

Here is an example of the +buildroom/org command:

+buildroom/org Org Name/Room Name=Entrance Name;Entrance Alias 1;Entrance Alias 2, Exit Name;Exit Alias 1;Exit Alias 2

Org Name: Nerea
Room Name: {025Lorawin - Nerea Manor - Greeting Room{n
Entrance Name: Nerea Manor <NM>
Entrance Aliases: Nerea Manor;nm
Exit Name: Out <O>
Exit Aliases: out;o

So, you would enter something like the following:

+buildroom/org Nerea/{025Lorawin - Nerea Manor - Greeting Room{n=Greeting Room <GR> ;gr;greeting room, Out <O> ;out;o

If you're building the room from your personal resources, and not the org's you would use the +buildroom command instead and it would look like this:

+buildroom {025Lorawin - Nerea Manor - Bedroom Suites - Arcane Suite{n=Arcane Suite <AS> ;as;arcane suite, Out <O> ;out;o

The color codes are not included by default, and it's very important that you add them in. It is also critical that you end the name with {n, because otherwise the color will bleed into the name of everyone in the room. Below is a list of each city's color codes:

City Color Codes
305 - Thelos
540 - Torendaar
310 - Nasherat
245 - Khelgar
025 - Lorawin
230 - Isalspire

===Managing Rooms===

Please be reasonable with your build and take into consideration the architecture and location of your city. Describing a coastal view out of a Khelgar city window would not be wise.

Here is an example of how we would use the +manageroom commands:

+manageroom/desc <description>
+manageroom/desc A cunning model of Loramar sits in the center of the room atop a table made of beautiful redwood. It is perfectly recreated from memory, with many of the streets and mismatched architectural styles loving carved out of wood, stone, and crystal. It serves as a reminder of what was and what may someday be. The rest of the chamber is comfortably appointed, with oval shaped windows which look out onto the sea and a low ceiling with oil-lanterns providing light.

+manageroom/name <name>
+manageroom/name {025Lorawin - Nerea Manor - Greeting Room{n

+manageroom/exitname <exit>=<new name>
+manageroom/exitname Nerea Manor Grounds <O>=Nerea Manor Courtyard <O>courtyard;o;out

+manageroom/addhome <character>
+manageroom/addhome Rythadrien --- This will offer Rythadrien the home

+manageroom/rmhome <character>
+manageroom/rmhome Rythadrien --- This will remove Rythadrien from the homeowner list

+manageroom/toggleprivate --- This toggle will allow you to have this room shown on the ‘where’ list or not.

+manageroom/adddecorator --- This will allow you to give someone permission to rename or describe the room.

+manageroom/setbarracks --- This will allow you to use the guards, agents and retainer commands to summon followers.

+manageroom/addbouncer --- A bouncer has the ability to use the +manageroom/ban command to bar someone from access and the +manageroom/boot command to kick someone out of the room.

===Secret Rooms===
We will allow you to build secret rooms in your home. This is a room whose exits either show up for no one, or are locked to a person or org as the case may be. We have no hard restriction on secret rooms at the moment, but we ask you to be reasonable with the amount of hidden niche space in the game. So, how do you get a secret room? Follow these steps:

- Build the room you wish to be secret.
- Put in a +request asking it to be set as a secret room with information like who should see this room or whether or not you want the entrance to be completely invisible.
- When we finish the request, we will retrieve 10,000 silver from your bank account to cover the cost of secretive building projects.