Clues And Revelations

What is a Clue?
Clues are a system in Ithir by which a character can learn about and track metaplot secrets. Clues are meant to be shared with other characters to bring them in to the loop in a subject. They can be used as a reference point on what your character knows about the metaplot and act as a good refresher for you, the player on subjects of Game Lore.

How do I get clues?
- Interacting with Gods or other NPCs
- Going on GM'd events
- As part of your character secret
- Receiving a vision
- Clues being shared with you from other characters
- Going on PRP events

What is a Revelation?
A revelation is a large plot point reveal. This may come in the form of a short story depicting a moment in time that reveals the larger story of Ithir. Or it may be a full in detail plot point discovery explaining that particular section of lore.

How do I get a Revelation?
A revelation will be triggered when a player has collected a specific set of clues needed to trigger the revelation. These should be enough clues to build the bigger picture, with the revelation finally bringing it all together.

Help files related to clues:
+clue, +prpclue, +theory, +revelations