Color Guide

===Using Color In Game===
There are many times where you might want to color a string of text. Most often is while crafting, but it can be helpful if you are running a large event and need your poses to stand out, or if you wanted to color the description of a room, or even in our standard room name colors.

===The Color List===
To see the list of available colors and the codes associated with them, type 'color xterm'. If your client is color 256 enabled, this will show a rainbow of colors in a grid for you. The left side is the colors of simply the text. The right side is the colors of the background of the text shown with neutral gray text. More often than not, you will be using the colors on the left side.

===How To Use Color===
Some of this may look different depending on if you are looking at the help file in the client or on the website, so keep that in mind as we go forward. The *color* version will have color if you look at it in the client. The *code* version is showing the color string with an unnecessary space between the { and the color number so that you can see the code itself.

A simple example of coloring a whole sting of text red looks like this:
*color* This whole string is now RED.
*code* { 500This whole string is now RED.{ n

Adding { n at the end of the string will ensure that the color wont bleed in to the next string. It stops the color.

You can also hand color this a gradient between red to yellow like this:
*color* This string goes from Red to Yellow.
*code* { 500This { 510string { 520goes { 530from { 540Red to { 550Yellow.{ n

You can also use the @gradient command to have the gradient tool do the whole thing for you. Unfortunately, it is a known issue that this command tool knocks the last color code out of the string it produces, so keep that in mind.

Command: @gradient <Color 1>,<Color 2>=<Name>
Example: @gradient 500,550=This string goes from Red to Yellow
Result: *color* This string goes from Red to Yellow
Result: *code* { 500This st{ 510r{ 520ing{ 530 goes { 540from Red to Yellow{ n

You will notice that the last color (550) didn't show up. You can easily add it back in by yourself.
Result: *color* This string goes from Red to Yellow
Result: *code* { 500This st{ 510r{ 520ing{ 530 goes { 540from Red to { 550Yellow{ n