Crafting Guide

===New Player Information===
Welcome to IthirMUSH! As you take your new character off the roster for the first time, you will notice you are naked. But not really. It's assumed anyone without coded clothing is wearing normal clothes for their status and kinship. You just lack armored clothing and weapons, and should not pose as such until you have those objects. You will have 10,000 starting silver in your bank with which to craft gear and items for yourself.

=Points of Interest=
Mountain Base Market Plaza - Located in Thelos at 0,-2
- Market Room used for buying materials
- Bank

Iron Alley - Located in Thelos at -1,-2
- Glacial Aerie Armory - Metal Armor
- King's Arms - Metal Weapons
- Snow and Starlight Jewels - Jewelry

Crafter's Row - Located in Thelos at 1,-2
- Sun and Sand Apothecary - Perfumes
- Grove Grown Carpentry - Wooden Weapons and Furniture
- Gilded Stitch Tailors - Cloth Armor
- Sun Scorched Leathers - Leather Armor

===Armor Types and Quality===
The material your armor is made from makes no difference on how effective it is. It is meant to be a cosmetic upgrade and a status symbol rather than a stat increase. Leather is the same as Dragon Hide.

Armor items are Arms, Bottoms, Footwear, Gauntlets, Helm and Top. These items will give you mitigation and help protect you while fighting. Anything else is just for fluff and won't have any impact on your stats.

=Cloth Armor=
Cloth armor is designed to offer some protection while allowing its wearer to remain agile and not fatigue very quickly.

=Leather Armor=
Leather armor offers a medium amount of protection while still being slightly agile. This is the middle of the road for stats that offers a balance between mitigation and agility.

=Metal Armor=
Metal armor offers the most protection but will slow you down rather quickly. High mitigation, low agility.

=Armor Quality=
Armor's stats are only increased on the quality of their construction. Your armor can be refined, you can spend extra AP or silver when finishing it, or you could simply just get very lucky on the crafter's roll to help increase your armor quality.

The Quality Scale is as follows: Poor, Mediocre, Average, Above Average, Good, Very Good, Excellent, Exceptional, Superb, Perfect, Divine.

===Crafting an Item===
We will be using a 'steel medium weapon' as our example walking through this. But the process is the same for any crafted item.

=Step 1: Determine Costs=
Go to King's Arms in the Iron Alley. You'll see the message You can +shop here.
Use 'help shop' to see the list of commands.

Begin with 'shop'. This will show you the list of recipes available for crafting at that particular store. Since we're going to want a steel medium weapon we know it will cost 700 silver to make, materials not included. You can see the materials needed on the website at You can also see the materials needed by starting to craft the weapon.

To begin crafting you type '+shop/craft <Name of item>'
example: +shop/craft steel medium weapon

It will now tell you that it costs 700 silver, and requires 7 steel. So in order to create our weapon we will need 700 silver and 7 steel in our inventory. This will require going to the market to buy the materials.

=Step 2: Buy Materials=
Exit the store and go the Market, which is between the shops at 0,-2 in Thelos. It is clearly marked as a Market in the room descriptions. Use 'help market' to see all the commands.

Let's check the cost of the steel with 'market/info <item>'
example: market/info steel

This says it costs 100 silver each. As we're buying 7 steel, we will use 'market/buy steel=7' This will cost us 700 silver.

With our materials in our inventory, we go back to the shop.

=Step 3: Naming The Item=
Back in the shop, we now use '+shop/craft steel medium weapon' and it tells us we have 7/7 steel on hand. Now we will name and describe our weapon.

***This is usually where coloring comes in to play but for sake of clarity we will describe how in the help file 'Color Guide'. Items default to the standard grey unless you use ANSI color commands.***

Name the weapon with '+shop/name <Name>'
example: +shop/name a Broadsword made of Tempered Steel

=Step 4: Describing the Item=
Now that we've named our weapon, we must describe it. Some people like fancy artwork with borders and ascii weapons, but we'll just keep it simple and describe ours as 'A long sharp weapon made of fine elven tempered steel.'

The command is '+shop/desc <Description>'
example: +shop/desc A long sharp weapon made of fine elven tempered steel

=Step 5: Check Your Work=
Now that the item is named and described, it is a good time to check your work. Simply type 'shop' and it will show you what you have already in progress.

=Step 6: Adornments (Optional)=
This is an optional step, but if you would like to adorn your item with extra things, this is when you would do that.

+shop/adorn <material type>=<amount>
example: +shop/adorn bone=5

This will adorn our sword with 5 bone pieces.

=Step 7: Finishing Your Item=
If you would like to finish the item with out adding in any extra AP or Silver to help your chances of getting a higher quality item, you can simply type 'shop/finish'. The crafter will roll their dice and you will have an item in your inventory. You will see the roll in game and it will look something like this:

<Default Dicestring> Adilenea checked luck + smithing at difficulty 24, rolling 36 higher.
Adilenea created a Broadsword made of Tempered Steel.
It is of very good quality.

You now have a Very Good broadsword!

If you would like to spend AP or Silver to increase your chances of getting a higher quality item, the commands for that look like this:

+shop/finish <additional silver to invest>,<AP to invest>
example: +shop/finish 1000, 0 --- This example we are spending 1000 silver and no extra AP
example: +shop/finish 0, 20 -- This example we are spending no extra silver and 20 extra AP
example: +shop/finish 1000, 20 -- This example we are spending 1000 silver and 20 AP