Creating A Character

The first step to playing Ithir is to either choose a character from our roster of available characters (found here - or to create your own character. To do this, you must login to a Client such as the web client found at the top bar of our website under ‘play’ or any other downloadable MU* client. Once there, you can log in simply by typing ‘guest’ in the command line.

===Roster Characters===
To look at the available roster of characters, please click (here). You may also look at the roster in client by typing @roster. This will show a list of available characters. To see more information about those characters, type ‘@sheet <character name>’ to see that character’s sheet.

Once you find a character you like, you will need to use @add/email followed by @roster/apply <character name>/<Your reasons for choosing this character and any goals you may have for them>. The intention of the roster application is to allow staff to make sure you understand the game and that characters place in it. Though we are not very picky about individual interpretation of the character, we do want to ensure a good fit for our game.

===Original Characters===
When building an Original Character in our Original Fantasy Setting, we want to ensure that you are building a character that will fit and have meaning in this world. Because it can be difficult to do that, we highly encourage you to reach out to the Guest channel and discuss your options. We also encourage you to read up on the various Kinships and families of Ithir and get a sense for where you see your character thriving. Each kinship is unique and provides a solid foundation for creating an immersive character. Your character must belong to one of the already established House in the game. We are happy to help you brainstorm, connect with current players and build your character.

To build your new Original Character, you must log in to the client as a guest and use the command @charcreate <Your Email>. This will launch a series of prompts that will guide you through creating your character. If at any time you need help, please ask the guest channel.

"How long does an application take to process?"
As all applications must be approved by Staff, and all characters must be properly set up before they can be played on grid, the time per application may vary. If we are online and available, it could take 5 minutes. If we are not, it could take up to 24 hours. We are committed to reviewing all applications within 24 hours at the latest.