Creation Myth

All elf children are told the same story from a very young age about how the world came to be. This story is generally considered to be factual and had changed very little as rumors of the Gods and how they work have been passed down through the ages.

The Creation Myth
In the beginning there was only light. And that light was named Alkara. It was pure and beautiful, warm and vibrant. But it was stagnant. Beside the light, there was born a brother. Potential. The potential was named Acharon and he spun the light in a thousand directions, letting it ebb and flow throughout the darkness, full of raw energy. It flowed, and moved and eventually one tendril of Alkara established Ithir and formed the world.

For many ages, Acharon worked his power of potential over Ithir until it came to fruition, spawning from its pure energy a generation of caretakers for this new realm. First among them was Brundir. He saw the potential of the light and set it all in motion. His realm is the stars, the sun and the moon, keeping them all in perfect balance as Ithir began to calm from its chaotic creation.

With the heavens set in motion, more Gods stepped forward from Alkara to take their place. First among them was Torth, The Great Creator. He shaped the soil, and pressed the mountains into existence. And then came Garwen, closest to Alkara in the light, Goddess of the air who gave Ithir its ability to breathe. She helped Torth to shape the world, and they were married. Garwen’s sister, Aereth, came flooding in to the world shortly there after, creating the seas and the rivers. She was fickle and unforgiving, but deeply invested in all of Ithir’s manifestations.

Gala came forward next in the world, and with her, she brought life. Plants and animals began to emerge from the forests and oceans and with them, her promise to always restore them and to keep life moving ever onward. Rithor soon followed. Hunting, stalking the beasts in the forests, the armored deity quickly became the manifestation of war. Strong and noble, Rithor paved the way for structure and armies to form honorably amongst the inhabitants of Ithir.

The peoples of Ithir began to emerge when Loran made herself known to the other Gods, for she was the Goddess of vision and dreams. Her great dream set to life all manner of peoples. Highest among them were the Elves. For they were her ambition made real, immortal souls manifested in finite numbers to inhabit Ithir. Her brother, Glanor, saw Loran’s dreams come to fruition, and instead of reveling in them, he hid himself away, knowing that their purity and light would not last. He grieved for them from the very beginning of their existence.

Knowing that the souls of the elves were finite, Baridon stepped forward to help guide them. With his manifestation, choice was brought to Ithir. The ability to decide right from wrong, and of course, the judgement that would follow. He found the hand of Gala and together they were married, allowing for restoration after judgement. With her encouragement, he took up the mantle of Doomsayer of the Gods, speaking for them to the peoples of Ithir when the messages were grim.

Though all things on Ithir were set in motion with the light of Alkara, the gift of choice given to the people of Ithir manifested one final God among them. Estril. Hers was the unfortunate duty of culling the souls from the cycle of Brundir. Some evils of the world were not meant to live on. Her realm is shrouded in darkness, hidden from Alkara’s light to keep Ithir pure.