Duindar Fashion

The Duindar tend to favor function over style. The design of their clothes leans towards simple, but utilitarian. Short tunics with draped lengths of fabric worn over them are typical, as are light robes filled with hidden pockets. Belts tend to be fitted with several pouches, that allow the Duindar to carry whatever tools they tend to favor.

The role of magic in their society is reflected in their fashion, leading to the Duindar having a preference for lighter layers of clothing that are less obstructive to spell casting. While they build their homes on the trees, the First Flood serves as a painful reminder of the practicality of dressing this way, as it's much easier to swim with lighter clothing. Even those pursuing more martial paths tend to prefer lighter armor, since they often combine physical fighting with tapping into the Lifewell.

While their clothes might seem simple, they often add little embellishments, using adornments that carry meaning to the particular individual, or are inspired by leaves or the river, often using wood or smooth river stones. House and religious sigils are typical, but so are others that often show affection for things connected with the scholarly pursuits that most Duindar enjoy.