Duindar Holidays

--Recording of Remembrance--
Recording of Remembrance occurs after any milestone in the lives of the Duindar; a birth, a wedding, the death of a loved one for example. They seek out one of the Ishtari librarians and leave record with them of their thoughts and feelings for future elves to have access to. This is less a Kin-wide holiday and more a personal undertaking.

--The Feast of Floods--
In 16 PA an unexpected spring flood wiped away 70% of the original Duindar settlement, forcing them to retreat into the trees for safety. The Feast of Floods honors those lost and the tempestuous moods of the river, occurring periodically when the river starts to overflow its banks. Blue and green robes embroidered with river motif become fashionable. They set offerings on the river in small boats, and hold a fast to remember the dead before hosting feasts featuring waterfowl, salmon, and other river based dishes.

The Duindar take their elections very seriously, with days of debates and speeches for the prospective Imperators. The day of the election of a new Imperator is considered a national holiday.

--Duin's Legacy--
Held every three years or so to honor the creative legacy of their founding mother., the Duin celebrate both their past and their future. Historic costumes are worn in Ogre Wars style, re-enactments of some of the more prominent battles are fought, and displays of new innovative magic and technological wonders are put on display.