Duindar Racial Ritual

Name: The Blessing of Janael aka The Tree Bond


The origin of the ritual is attributed to a priestess of Gala known as Janael. Janael was one of the original Laenorin and also part of the Amethyst Order, and a disciple of Kazaius, the Amethyst Storm. It is said that Janael received the inspiration of the ritual from Gala, after praying before a mission to ambush a group of Ogres moving against an elven city. Janael performed the ritual, allowing her and her unit to hide inside the trees, which enabled them to strike at the group of Ogres without being noticed. When activated, the elves' skin took on the coloration of the trees they were trying to meld with.

When Duin the Artificer took her followers to settle along the banks of the Ursulae river, Janael took the knowledge of the ritual with her, and shared it with the the rest of those that followed Duin. Since then, the ritual has become an important part of the Duindar culture, and is performed when a Duindar becomes an adult, and is available to those that join the kinship.


This ritual is typically performed by a priestess of Gala, but in her absence, any other Duindar priest can perform the ritual. The subject of the ritual is required to sit with the priestess in an area surrounded by trees. The subject then will choose a tree to sit against with their backs bare, and the skin touching the tree's bark. The priestess will in turn sit across the subject, covering the subject's feet with dirt. The subject is asked to meditate, embracing the connection with the tree and letting it guide their perceptions. One the skin of the subject starts matching the color of the tree, the ritual is considered complete.

Effect: Tree Melding (Able to meld with a tree for 30 minutes. The tree must be large enough for the elf to fit in it. Casting or attacking while tree melding ends the effect. While melded, the elf's sense are connected to the tree and they are aware of their surroundings as if they were standing at that spot. Note that private rooms in Isalspire are warded against this ritual.)