Earning Legendary Rank 6

Being at a rank 6 of any skill or stat means that you are legendary in that particular thing. The whole of Ithir knows your name for what you have accomplished in that area of study or skill. For this to happen, you must make an impact on the game as a whole. Here are the requirements to achieve a rank 6 in any skill or stat:

===Only One Rank 6===
You can only do this once! Make sure it is a stat or skill you want to be known for forever.

===XP Cost===
The XP cost to get a rank 6 skill is 1000 XP. It will not count towards your XP tax.

===Legendary Quest===
You must work with staff to come up with an event, story line, invention, harrowing deed, etc, to tell the story of how you became a Legend. These may take months to complete, but are designed to help establish your character as the expert in their chosen field.

When you are ready, with at least 950 XP in hand, quest idea thought up, please +request staff and we will begin working with you on your journey to Legendary status.