Earning Xp

There are a few ways to gain XP in Ithir:

===Weekly RP===
5-9 Poses: 3 xp
10-14 Poses: 5 xp
15-19 Poses: 7 xp
20+ Poses: 10 xp

1 XP per first impression (1 for giving a first impression and 1 for receiving it)

===GMing and Random Scenes===
Random Scenes are generated using the command @randomscene. It will give you 3 random people to RP for during the week.

When you are listed as a GM for a scene, the participants can claim you as if you were in their @randomscene list.

The XP awarded between GM Scenes and @randomscenes is awarded in a graduated scale. You receive less XP each time when you gain XP this way.

When you conclude a flashback that has 5 or more posts in it, you and those participating in the flashback will recieve 1 XP.