Symbol - A bound teal soul on a gray background.

The Goddess of Justice. Hers is the unfortunate duty of culling souls from the cycle. Some evils of the world are not meant to live on. She acts as the Justice of the heavens and administers the punishments to those who have strayed.

The Priesthood of Estril know the importance of her role, and the terror she entices in those who hear her stories. Rather than embracing the dark tendencies of such a foreboding warning, they prefer to take on worship of Estril as a light Goddess, who keeps them safe from evil. She is thanked for taking on the least appealing but incredibly important role in the Pantheon. For without her, who knows what sort of evils would walk Ithir.

Priests of Estril also share in her burden, acting as executioners for those souls no longer meant for this world. It is their sacred duty to carry out the killing blow that will then allow her to take up and reap the souls of the sinful.