Exploration And Settlements

Ithir is a game that very heavily leans on the concept of exploring the new world, Aarandor. As our elves only have the portals to travel from city to city, much of the new world is still undiscovered. When a group of people decide they are ready to explore, they must pay the exploration cost and choose a direction, letting the GM's know about their plans with an @action. For a group of 5 or less, venturing out in the world will be handled with a GM scene or set of scenes depending on what is found. For a group of more than 5, we will write up a story resolution and let you know what you found here. We will do both, but we very much prefer running GM'd exploration scenes when we can. Here are the following costs of exploration:

===Step 1===
Explore: Exploration has cost! Gathering supplies, feeding people on a long journey, bringing protective and diplomatic types with you as well. The cost is paid in resources at the following rate:
Economic: 500
Military: 100
Social: 100

===Step 2===
This step will be skipped if there is nothing to attack or negotiate with.

Attack: Sometimes a discovery may lead to a hostile situation. If you choose to attack and take the portion of the map you have explored by force, there is a cost to wage war.
Economic: 100
Military: 500
Social: 100


Diplomacy: If you choose against attacking and hope to establish a more diplomatic solution and form relationships, that has a cost as well.
Economic: 100
Military: 100
Social: 500

===Step 3===
Settlements: Once an area on the map is claimed by a Kinship, House, Priesthood or other Org, depending on the story being told, that group may choose to build a settlement on it to help increase their holdings. However, there can only be one Kinship or House Org settlement per hex, although it can be shared with only one settlement owned by a social/religious/military/etc org. If your org does not currently have an income, your first settlement at rank 1 will set your income to 15,000 silver a week. Below are the costs for settlements, their benefit to the organization and their 'type'.

Rank 1 - Wooden Keep
Cost: 300 of each Resource type, totaling 900 Resources + 300,000 Silver
Benefit: 50% of a domain's base income.

Rank 2 - Stone Keep
Cost: 600 of each Resource type, totaling 1800 Resources + 600,000 Silver
Benefit: 100% of a domain's base income.

Rank 3 - Walled City
Cost: 1200 of each Resource type, totaling 3600 Resources + 1,200,000 Silver
Benefit: 150% of a domain's base income.

Rank 4 - Stone Castle
Cost: 2400 of each Resource type, totaling 7200 Resources + 2,400,000 Silver
Benefit: 200% of a domain's base income.

Rank 5 - Fortified Castle
Cost: 4800 of each Resource type, totaling 14400 Resources + 4,800,000 Silver
Benefit: 250% of a domain's base income.

Rank 6 - Legendary Castle
Cost: 9600 of each Resource type, totaling 28800 Resources + 9,600,000 Silver
Benefit: 300% of a domain's base income.

Sometimes you want to build something extra in to a territory or city, such as a monument to one of the Gods or a new Mage Tower. As we can't really anticipate what creative requests you all will have, we've just decided to keep them here as a sort of record of what they have cost before so that it maintains a consistent level of value as we go on.

Large Holy Monument - 500 Social, 500 Economic + 100,000 Silver
Mage Tower - 300 Social, 300 Economic, 100 Military + 70,000 Silver
Tavern - 200 Social, 100 Economic + 30,000 Silver
Shrine - 300 Social, 300 Economic + 60,000 Silver
Academy - 300 Social, 300 Economic + 60,000 Silver
Outpost - 300 Social, 500 Military + 80,000 Silver
Docks - 300 Military, 300 Economic + 60,000 Silver
Lighthouse - 200 Military, 200 Economic + 40,000 Silver

==NPC Crafters==
Armorsmith - 1000 Military, 1000 Economy + 1,000,000 Silver
Weaponsmith - 1000 Military, 1000 Economy + 1,000,000 Silver
Apothecary - 500 Social, 500 Economy + 500,000 Silver
Carpenter - 500 Social, 500 Economy + 500,000 Silver
Jeweler - 500 Social, 500 Economy + 500,000 Silver
Leatherworker - 1000 Military, 1000 Economy + 1,000,000 Silver
Tailor - 1000 Military, 1000 Economy + 1,000,000 Silver

Hub cities are all the main starting cities where our five kinship governments and the holy council are established. Namely, Lorawin, Torendaar, Khelgar, Nasherat, Isalspire and Thelos. These cities can not be upgraded the same way that a settlement can. They are already serving their peak function as a multi-house hub of activity. Their building regulations are also a little different than expansion settlements. Because all of your resources and the center of your civilizations start in these hub cities, it costs less to build extra buildings in them. Here is the process:

- Check with your local government about buildings! (ex. Ask King Arminel about building in Torendaar)
- Once you have permission, put in a +request letting staff know what you want to build and on which existing grid square.
- Staff will grant building permissions on that grid square and let you build up your intended building.
- The initial cost for additional buildings on a hub city will start at 100 econ

===Settlements AMA===
We did a little AMA about this part of the game. Here is a link to the log of that conversation.