Faenor Holidays

--Ivory Festival--
At the end of the year, the Faenor host the Ivory Festival for their families. It is said to be the only time of year the Faenor display public affection and warmth but none of the other Kin have ever bore witness to it. To honor Garwen they confess their sins and transgressions to her priests and wear nothing but white garments. For the children they create elaborate snow sculptures and playgrounds made entirely of ice, feasting and celebrating the pure snow.

--Rigarth's Rememberance --
Held at no particular time of year, this holiday celebrates the first wolf-bond and the beloved companions it gives. Those who wish to prove themselves worthy are led blindfolded into the forests at the base of Khelgar with nothing but their companion wolf and a dagger. It is then up to them to find their way back up the nearly impassible trails to the city and to survive on whatever they and their wolf can hunt. The victor is the first to return, and is welcomed with a feast. After all the participants have safely returned, competitions are held to show off the closeness of the bond between elf and wolf and to demonstrate their skill and speed.