Faenor Racial Ritual

Name: The Blessing of Rigarth aka The Will of the Wolf


Rigarth was the younger brother of Thaleesa of the Argent Winds, and a hunter and priest of Garwen. While he wasn't convinced leaving the First Kingdom was the right choice, he still followed his sister in the journey that would lead to the birth of the Faenor. During the construction of Khelwen, the Faenor's ancestral home, Rigarth was out with a small group, scouting the mountain sides surrounding the area. He was separated by the group when a terrible snowstorm swept around the area, and was forced to seek refuge at a cave. With the heavy snow covering the known trails, his attempts to try and leave the cave were constantly thwarted by a pack of snow wolves that prevent him from leaving. No matter what he tried, the wolves would not let him go anywhere. It is said that in his desperation, Rigarth prayed to Garwen and was rewarded with a ritual that allowed him to bond with one of the snow wolves. For seven days he lived with them, hunted with them, he was one of them. At the end of the seven days, he brought this knowledge to his people, sharing the ritual with them.


The ritual is usually prepared by a priest of Garwen, but if one is not available, any Faenor priest can prepare the ritual. It takes place when the subject of the ritual turns 50 years old and comes of age. Overseen by their House head, they are taken out to the wilds to meet a snow wolf pack. The subject will usually wear light clothing and no weapons, and once the pack arrives, the subject will walk away from their head of House and to a middle point between the pack, and his family, and close friends if they were invited. There, the Alpha of the wolf pack will approach and study the subject,sniffing him before returning to the pack. A wolf, chosen by the Alpha will then approach the subject and bump heads with the subject in a gesture of companionship. In some cases, usually when a Lord or Lady Heir is the subject of the ritual, the alpha remain there, making the gesture of companionship. This is considered a great honor. The ritual is sealed by the subject and the wolf drinking from the same cup, and eating the same meat, items that were already prepared by the priest responsible for the ritual. When someone marries into the Faenor, they are given the option to undergo the ritual.

Effect: Wolf Bond (Free Snow Wolf Retainer + Wolf Empathy, the elf and wolf share an empathic link that allows them to know what the other feels. They don't feel what the other is feeling, but are aware of it. It does not allow them to know what the other knows, however, or to communicate in such a manner. Example: The elf knows when the wolf is afraid, hungry, angry, etc. and vice versa.) (OOC: If you don't have your wolf retainer and wish to obtain one, +request providing the name and the description of the wolf.)