Gming An Event

GMing an Event

In order to host a scene as a Player GM (Game Master) and be able to claim XP for it, the following criteria must be met:

1. GMs should not be RPing their own character in their own scene.

2. The scene must have an impact on the story. To accomplish this, you must put in a +prprequest with the details of your PRP (Player Ran Plot). Please include a very brief summary of the scene, with any NPC (Non Player Characters) you intend to use. When approving your PRP staff might relate bits of story information to play off during the scene.

3. Wait for your +prprequest to be approved, once it it is approved, set up your GM event with the @event/@cal code.

We want to emphasize that for a scene to qualify as a Player Ran Plot and a GM Event, it must have some kind of story impact. If you go out for a hunt, and kill some normal creatures, that is just a hosted hunt. It won't qualify as PRP. If your hunt is suddenly invaded by agents of another kinship. That is a story affecting situation, it would qualify as PRP.