Gala Rituals And Practices

Initiates of Gala are required to spend some time with the healers and restoration mages, learning from them. They're not required to have aptitude for magic, but when they do, they often lean towards Restoration as their main school of magic. Priests often go on to become healers, magical or otherwise within their Kinships, although some also join hunting and exploratory expeditions and offer their expertise there. Those priests that not pursue to the path of healing the physical body, tend to either focus their studies on the flora of the world, or the healing of the mind.

Services: During services, priests of Gala preach about forgiveness and the importance of taking care of the less fortunate. They teach that it's as important to forgive yourself as it is to forgive others, and encourage the faithful to enjoy life to the fullest. It's very common for services to be held within groves, and often include much drinking and dancing. During the services, life is celebrated to the fullest.

Ritual of Forgiveness - The ritual is often performed at a shrine. The faithful submits the name of someone they would like to forgive, or be forgiven by. They can submit their own name. They will then sit with the priest, and others they might have invited and share stories of their life that include this person, positive stories, good memories. If they submitted their own name, they would share a good thing about them that others or the priest might not be aware of. The ritual ends with a small prayer by the priest to the goddess asking for forgiveness and to heal the bodies and souls of those named in the ritual.