Garwen Rituals And Practices

Those initiated into the priesthood of Garwen are taken to the highest available mountain. They arrive wearing black hooded cloaks, which they then discard for pure white ones. After being elevated to priests, they are allowed to wear the typical white and light blue cloaks worn by the priesthood. Initiates are expected to work for the good of their communities, often aiding those in need and reporting evil deeds to the proper authorities. Priests of Garwen often go on quests of purity, where they seek to purify their heart and the world around them of any evil. A quest could inspire a priest to gather others and seek an evil to slay, or it could be a more spiritual introspective journey.

Services: Services to Garwen are often held in open spaces, or shrines built on mountains. The priests preach about the importance of a pure good heart, and the constant fight against not only external but internal evil. All elves are subject to temptation and it’s important to purge one own’s heart of evil in the same manner one most deal with the evils of the world that surround us.

Confession - The faithful of Garwen often engage in confession, meeting with a priest and sharing with them their sins and the evil in their hearts. The priests help the faithful by sharing their burden and asking the goddess for her blessing in removing that taint constantly threatening the purity of the heart. The priests take an oath prohibiting them from sharing what they learn during confession, and violation of this oath is a serious offense in the priesthood, often ending with the violator being handed to Baridon’s priesthood for judgment as an oathbreaker.