Glanor Rituals And Practices

Initiates of Glanor are required to spend a whole day meditating in silence about their reasons to join the priesthood. They often attend to elders elves that are close to, or considering undergoing the Ritual of Returning. Priests often work at hospitals, not as healers but as caretakers of those who cannot be healed through mundane or magical means. Then offer prayers to ease the returning of those souls to the wheel, and make themselves available to those that might want to undergo the Ritual of Returning. During the Mortal Strife, the priesthood held nightly vigils praying to Glanor in mourning of the immortality that they were about to lose. It is common for families to have a preferred priest of Glanor that they go to for their needs, and it’s also common for priests of Glanor to serve as soldiers, in order to aid souls return to the Wheel when they die in battle.

Services: During services, priests usually preach about making peace with ourselves, mourning what is lost and letting go of those things we will not get back. With the loss of their homes in Larandor and the many allies and friends in the other races left behind, the subject is often discussed, with priests inviting the faithful to share their grief with the rest if so they wish. The priests often preach about patience, reminding the faithful the importance of considering things when making a decision, rather than rushing into it.

Blessing of Mourning - The Blessing of Mourning is often performed shortly after someone undergoes the Ritual of Returning, or when someone has died in battle. The priest would take the hands of the faithful, then press their forehead to theirs. With their eyes close, the faithful quietly reminisces about the one they are mourning. The priest offers a short prayer at the end of the blessing. This blessing is commonly offered to those in mourning at the end of a service. The blessing is handled a little different when done in the battlefield. At the end of the battle, the priest forms a circle with those wishing to mourn the soldier, there is a moment of silent with eyes closed and heads bowed, before the priest offers a prayer to Glanor to guide the soul to the Wheel.