Glossary Of Terms

Aarandor - The New World, often referred to as the Immortal Lands.
Acharon - God of Potential and raw emotion
Admiral - The military leader of the Aeran Kinship. One of three equal leaders.
Aeran - The Sea Elves
Aereth - Goddess of the Sea
Alkara - The First God, light and warmth
Baridon - God of choice and judgement - Doomsayer of the Gods
Blade Sworn - A position of high honor in the Thalerith Kinship. Closest warriors to the Warlord.
Brundir - God of balance, sun, moon and stars
Captain - Second in command to the Admiral of the Aeran Kinship.
Chief - The civil leader of the Aeran Kinship. One of three equal leaders.
Duindar - The River Elves
Duke/Duchess - A high ranking family leader of the Lorandi Kinship. Under the King and above a Marquis/Marchioness
Estril - Goddess of reaping and culling evils
Faenor - The Snow Elves
First Citizen - The leader of the Duindar Kinship
Flame Speaker - The spiritual leader of the Thalerith. Second in command to the Warlord.
Gala - Goddess of plants, animals and healing
Garwen - Goddess of purity and air
General - Top military leader for an army. Thalerith Specific: Second in command over the military after the Warlord.
Glanor - God of grief and sorrow
Hearthling - A small humanoid race.
High Lords - The group of five rules from the houses of the Faenor Kinship
Isalspire - The home city of the Duindar Kinship
Ithir - The world where this story takes place
Ithiriel - The title of the leader of the elves who perished on their journey
Khelgar - The home city of the Faenor
Kin - The suffix denoting the group one belongs to. Ie, Faenor Kin
King - The leader of the Lorandi Kinship
Kinlector/Kinlessa - Title for a Head of House
Kinship - In reference to someone’s group
Krilkar - Large lizards known to dwell in the caverns close to both Nasheri in Larandor and Nasherat in Aarandor
Larandor - The Old World, often referred to as the Dying Lands
Loran - Goddess of dreams and visions - dreamed elf-kind in to the world
Lorandi - The Golden Elves
Lorawin - The home city of the Aeran Kinship
Marquis/Marchioness - The Head of House for a March in the Lorandi Kinship - Just below a Duke/Duchess.
Nasherat - The home city of the Thalerith Kinship
Right Hand - Second in command to the Chief of the Aeran Kinship
Rithor - Deity of warriors and hunting
Senator - One of the elected government representatives in the Duindar Kinship.
Thalerith - The Sand Elves
The Condemned - The Humans, Dwarves and Hearthlings cursed to die in Larandor.
Thelos - Thelos, The City of Shrines. This is the main hub city and is considered a holy place.
Torendaar - The home city of the Lorandi Kinship
Torth - God of the soil and mountains
Warlord - The leader of the Thalerith Kinship
Wave Speaker - The spiritual Leader of the Aeran Kinship. One of three equal leaders.
Wave Whisperer - Second in command to the Wave Speaker of the Aeran Kinship.