Government Of Aeran

A council of leaders rules this Kinship divided among Civility, War and Spirituality. Leaders groom their successors for many years before they pass on the burden of leadership, making the second in command of each position often equally as powerful as the leader themselves. Family name has very little to do with how one's life progresses here.

Chief - The Chief is the civil leader of the Aeran Kinship. Their job is to see to the prosperity and success of the people in Lorawin. In times of peace, the Chief is generally looked to as the point person in leadership.

Admiral - The Admiral is the war leader of the Aeran Kinship. In times of war, the Kinship looks to the Admiral for leadership and guidance. This role is often looked at as the conqueror. Martial rule is not always well received, but it can be very effective.

Wave Speaker - The Wave Speaker is the spiritual leader of the Aeran Kinship. It is their duty to ensure that the peoples spiritual needs are being kept, traditions are being honored and rituals are being paid their proper respect. Rarely, but it has happened before, the Wave Speaker takes point in Aeran Leadership when there are times of spiritual turmoil.