Government Of Duindar

A very civil Republic of elves who elect their representatives in to the Senate. The Senate then serves the First Citizen, whose power extends only as a unifying voice for the Senate. Wholey, the people govern themselves through their elected officials.

An elected official holds their office for 50 years (16.6 RL years). They will remain in their seat of power until their term is up, at which point an election will be held to fill their seat. They can run again for their seat. This is the same process for both First Citizen and Senatorial seats.

There are two ways in which a 50-year term may be cut short. The first is an abdication of seat. Wherein the Senator or First Citizen willingly gives up their seat to an open election. The second way is by a vote of no-confidence. A vote of no-confidence can be enacted only with a unanimous (except the person in question) decision made by the Senate and First Citizen. At which point the seat will be open to a new election.

A vote of no confidence is taken very seriously. It should only be enacted in the most dire of situations.


During the time of the First Migration, some 10,000 years ago when the elves first split as one nation, the followers of Duin’s teachings decided they would let their most learned members guide them rather than a leader chosen purely by bloodline. In their fashion, they held debates and discussions, symposiums, speeches, and listened to the will of their people. In the end, four elves were elected from amongst dozens; every voice was heard and counted. The first four then chose a fifth to act as a tie-breaker, the First Citizen, as they were considered wisest of them all. Since then, the senate has guided the Duindar with collective intellect and rational debate. The decision to leave Larandor was split with the First Citizen making the decisive vote.


Current Elected Officials Terms

First Citizen Theleria - Up for reelection in 60 PA
Senator Teroleus - Up for reelection in 75 PA
Senator Elizaldian - Up for reelection in 57 PA
Senator Limandria - Up for reelection in 57 PA
Senator Katara - Up for reelection in 102 PA