Government Of Faenor

A body known as the Conclave of the Five, or just the Conclave or The Five serves as the government of the Faenor. It consists of the five High Lords of each House, with each member having equal power within the Conclave. Most decisions are made through a majority vote, usually after an extended period of negotiations and debate. The lack of interest in outside politics the Faenor are known for, is at a very high contrast with the marked interest in politics when it comes to ruling their people.

The five house have always been, and will always be. Usually the High Lord of the House is a direct blood descendant of the previous High Lord. Though there have been rare occasions where a line was cursed not to bring a child's soul in to the world and the leadership of the house would pass to a sibling, or even cousin. Gender plays no role in the choosing of the next leader and the son or daughter of the current leader holds a high place in the family as the Lord or Lady Heir, speaking for the High Lord when they can not be at a particular meeting or event.