Influence Guide

Your influence score is one way to gauge your characters social influence on the game. Influence will determine your roll difficulty on work as well as the number of praises you can use in a week. Influence is calculated with the following formula:


So if my Charm is 4, Command is 2, Composure is 1 and my Propaganda is 3, Leadership is 1 and Empathy is 5 my influence will be calculated like this:

((4^2)+(2^2)+(1^2)+(3^2)+(1^2)+(5^2))/5 = 11

My Influence is now 11.

Stats for Influence
Charm, Command, Composure

Skills for Influence
Teaching, War, Diplomacy, Empathy, Etiquette, Intimidation, Leadership, Manipulation, Performance, Propaganda, Streetwise, Theology