So, if you type 'i' while connected to your character, you're going to see a few things. Below is an example:

Worn items of note: a Keir family signet ring in white gold and sapphire, braided silver and gemstone bracelet of protection, dappled green crystalweave gown with cream lace and leather adornment, strappy cream colored calfskin ankle boots, a gold elk-rack torc with an entangled silver dragon holding an amber sphere, white dragon hairpins with pearl scales

Every name, separated by a comma, is a different wearable object that the character is wearing. To put them on, you type 'wear <item name>', and it would show up when people look at you, in a format like you see above. If you want to look at an item you are wearing, you can just type 'look <item name>'. If you want to look at an item someone else is wearing, you would type 'look <name>'s <item name>' ex 'look ember's magnificent stave of fire smite'

If you want to remove an item you are wearing, the command is 'remove <item name>' This will keep the item in your inventory under objects, but will not be visible by other people.

Some people like to describe items without ascii, or ansi, or prettified borders around the text. And other people like the whole shebang. You should craft, or have crafted, items you are most comfortable with!

Worn/Sheathed weapons: bright blue flames steel longsword
Same as the wearable items. Just, weapons!

Money: 3458.66 silver coins
This tells you how much money you have on your person, IC. If you want to purchase something from a vendor, you need the amount of coin to be showing up here and not in the bank.
Bank Account: 39572 silver coins
This is how much money you have stored in your bank account. You can access it, to put it in your IC inventory, by going to the bank.

Materials: 3 steel, 5 wood, 3 crystalweave, 1 arborite
This tells you how much of, and what types of materials you have at your immediate disposal. Ie - what you can go to a vendor and craft with, without having to purchase more or take it from the bank/vault.

Container items are where you can store all of the things! When you begin to accumulate a lot of wearables and items, it can clutter a room. So you will want something in the form of the 'chest' recipe, or 'bookcase' recipe. The primary difference being the way the names of the items would display when you look at the container.

To put an item into a container:
put <item> in <container>

To remove an item from a container:
get <item> from <container>

If you have items of similar names, you will either have to type out the entire item name to put it in the container or get it from the container. Or, when you try the 'put' or 'get' commands, it will prompt you that you have more than one item with that name, and you can use use the number to help you not have to type out a huge name.

Ex: It will return a list like this:
1-Unicorn Sparklies of Unsurpassed Awesome
2-Unicorn Shinies of Absolute Doom

You would type:
put 1-Unicorn in container
Get 1-Unicorn from container

Or if it's the shinies you want, you would use 2-Unicorn