Loran Rituals And Practices

Those that join the priesthood of Loran are assigned tasks by their mentors, and work towards finish them during their time as initiates. Before sleeping, they pray to the goddess for dreams of inspiration that will help them complete the tasks they have been given. The tasks are varied, depending on the Kinship the elf comes from, whether it is a time of war or peace, but it's always a task that will benefit the Elven kin. These tasks don't have to be done alone either. In fact, being able to reach out to others to lean on their skills to success is viewed quite favorably. Once an initiate is ready to become a priest as determined by their High Priest or in very few cases, Lady Loran herself, they are required to swear an oath to Loran before Lord Baridon. Priests often go on dream quests, as to not remain idle for too long, these quests can also vary depending on the priest. Often they are called by Houses and Kinship leaders to interpret their dreams, and provide counsel on decisions being made.

Services: Services to Loran are often very activity driven, with the priest leading the faithful on an interactive story that ends with a discussion regarding the teaching of the story. This discussion is often held as an open forum, rather than than explanation of the preacher, to ensure the faithful participate in their own learning experience. They preach about the need to innovate, to dream, to invent and warn against the dangers of procrastination and the value of time used wisely. They often invite the faithful to share their dreams during service, and provide public or private interpretations as requested by the faithful.

Blessing of Dreams - The blessing is often offered at the end of service, but can be also requested after a meeting with a priest. During the blessing, the faithful closes his or her eyes, and the priest places both thumbs over each eye. The priest offers a short prayer asking Loran to inspire and guide the dreams of the faithful. The blessing is typically requested by the faithful when they're about to engage on a particular important task, quest, or project.

Oath to become a priest/priestess:

Let it be known that on this day I, <insert name>, hereby pledge myself in service to you, Lady Loran, Goddess of Time, for as long as the sands of time continue to flow within me. I swear that I will work tirelessly to ensure that the gift of time has not been wasted upon me through idleness and misuse, and to show other elves how they can best live their lives to honor you. This I swear before you, Lady Loran, and Lord Baridon.