Lorandi Holidays

--The Arrival--
While many commemorate the crossing from Larandor to their new home, the Lorandi celebrate their journey through the portal to the grasslands which would become their home. To celebrate the bounty of the endless plains and groves, they host a harvest festival and try to one up the other houses with grandiose displays and feasts in tribute to Gala. A grand tourney is planned for the knights to show their riding prowess and honor Rithor.

--The Awakening and the Dreaming Feasts--
To celebrate the ancient occasion of the elves being born of Loran’s will, the Lorandi spend part of the fall in prayer, doing good works and favors for one another. Children honor their parents with gifts or performances. Their nights are spent in feasting and revels.

The next day, Parents encourage their children's ambitions with gifts “from Loran”. It is considered taboo to break that illusion of gift giving. They take sleeping herbs and concoctions to encourage fanciful dreams- some host contests to see who can relate the most fanciful dream and the priests offer interpretation. Art and other creative endeavors are celebrated.