Lorandi Racial Ritual

Name: The Blessing of Parthalis aka The First Sight


General Parthalis Serannar was a cousin of Ithiriel Laenor Serannar, a priest of Loran, and leader of the armies defending the eastern borders of the First Kingdom against the retaliation of the Ogres during the Ogre Wars. After a failed push ordered by Ithiriel Laenor against the ogres, Parthalis knew they would be looking to hit back. He sought guidance from Loran, and was gifted with a ritual that allowed him and his forces to see far enough in the distance as to. When the ritual activated, the eyes of the elf it was performed on glowed a radiant golden hue.

During the First Migration, even though he disagreed with his cousin Laenor on many things, Parthalis remained loyal to the Ithiriel and his people. He joined the journey to the Valley of Toren, and shared with his people the knowledge of the ritual. Since then, the ritual has become part of the Lorandi rite of passage into adulthood or when someone becomes part of the kinship.


Typically performed by a priest of Loran, the ritual takes place in an open field, when the sun is at its highest. If a priest of Loran is not available, any Lorandi priest can perform the ritual. During the ritual, the priest blesses the subject's eyes, and asks the subject to lie down on the ground on their back, with closed eyes aimed at the sun. Under the guidance of the priest, the subject is led into a light sleep. Those that have undergone the ritual often describe the experience as looking at themselves from high up in the sky. Once the ritual is complete, the subject's eyes open, glowing with a brief golden hue.

Effect: Far Sight (Able to see things in detail at long distances, up to 1000 feet. How far a Lorandi elf is able to see is determined by how high up the sun is. At the highest point, the Lorandi are able to see up to 1000 feet, halfway through 500 feet, early morning or evening 250 feet.)