Mask Guide

Masks are a way to hide your identity! They are special objects that play by very special rules in Ithir. This guide was created to help answer questions about masks and how they work.

===Making a Mask===
There are many different kinds of masks in may different materials. Each will be made by the expert crafter NPC in Thelos who works with that type of material.
Clay Mask - Apothecary
Steel Mask - Armorer
Wood Mask - Carpenter
Leather Mask - Leather Worker
Silk Mask - Tailor
Each mask is made from 5 silver and 5 of whatever the main material is.

shop/craft steel mask --- starts the crafting

shop/name 'the name of your mask' --- names the mask. This should be a short name as it will be what people see your name as when you wear it.

shop/desc 'description of the mask' -- this is the description of the actual mask itself. What it looks like when someone picks it up.

shop/altdesc 'alternate description' --- this description is what will replace your own description when you wear the mask. Make sure it does a good job of describing the over all look of the whole person in vague terms.

shop/finish #,# --- when finishing your mask, it is recommended to spend a little extra silver and ap to make it as high quality as possible. The mask will use its quality like 'charges' and become unwearable eventually.

===Rules of the Mask===
Some unexpected things happen when one is wearing a mask and it is important to know what they are.
- You will no longer show up on +where
- Every time you put on your mask, the craftsmanship will deteriorate. It can be refined in the shop it came from to regain its charges.
- You will not be able to move freely in public with a mask on.
- If a room is marked private, you will be able to move freely through it. This is important to remember for masquerade parties. If you want to remain anonymous, you must make the event space private for the duration of the party and likely the room leading in to the party so that people can come and go with out taking off their masks.