The end of a life is something taken very seriously in an immortal culture. Though the soul will pass on to Brundir's careful hands to be brought to life once more, the closing of that life cycle is revered and heavily mourned.

A pyre is built in the graveyard using stacks of carefully placed wood. The body is dressed in white and placed at the top with a laurel crown on their head. Typically, the body will remain on top of the pyre for one full cycle of sun and moon, sunset to sunset, to allow for mourners to have a moment of peaceful time with the deceased. When the last light of the sun dims into the darkness of night, the pyre is lit and left to burn out on its own.

Those in the family of the deceased, or those close to them wear a black band for up to a year. The spouse is allowed a small cutting of hair to keep in a sealed glass vial worn around the neck in remembrance.

If a soul is reaped by Estril, there is no funeral pyre or formal mourning. Some have been known to carve the names of the reaped in to the stone path leading up to Estril's Shrine as a reminder of the steps that lead one to that final fate.