You have to get from one room to another, right!? This one is pretty easy. When you 'look' at a room there will be a list of exits at the bottom that are either a cardinal point (north, south, east, west) or a name with an alias in < > symbols. Ex: Snow and Starlight Jewels <SSJ>.

If you want to go to a different area indicated by the cardinal direction, you just type out the word (like 'east') or letter ('e') and hit enter. If you want to go to one of the named rooms, you CAN type out the full name and hit enter. Or, you can type the alias that's in the < > symbols and hit enter. In the case of Snow and Starlight Jewels <SSJ>, you could get there by typing 'ssj'.

Best of all, if you've been out exploring the grid and you just want to get home, you can type 'home' and you'll be brought back to the room your character is linked to as their home. (you'll want to make sure to have that set before wandering out!)