Oc Leadership Policy

If your original character takes on a leadership role, and you're unable to keep playing the character, staff reserves the right to decide what to do with such a character in order to maintain the integrity of the stories being told. This may include turning the character into a roster character for someone else to pick up, or removing the character from the leadership position in order to allow for an active character to take the spot. For the purpose of this rule, a Rank 1 within an org is always considered a leadership role. A Rank 2 is usually considered a leadership role as well, but they're often less critical (with the exception of Kinship orgs) than a Rank 1 is, and less likely to be added to the roster.

In the case a player is banned from the game and their original character is in a leadership role, the character will always be removed from the position and set inactive, or killed off, whichever will serve the story best.