Not much is known about the Oracles, other than they are chosen to serve the gods, and they used to live in Thelos before the elves arrived to Aarandor. Following is the list of known Oracles:

Thalion of the Tribunal - Returned to the Wheel of Souls after Baridon was appeased by the elves sacrificing their immortality.

Myrna of the Wheel - Brundir's quirky Hearthling Oracle who appeared shortly after Brundir sent 10 champions on a quest to find him.

Lykor of the Forge - Torth's Oracle, an ever optimistic Dwarf. He was discovered by the Champions of Torth on their way to find the Great Creator.

Mystia of the Hunt - The Oracle of Rithor, a serious and blunt Elven warrior who speaks her mind. She was discovered near Victory Hills by the Thalerith.

Ellinor of the Grove - A Human warrior Oracle who serves Gala. Ellinor was discovered while House Egilion was on an expedition looking for land to settle.

Doran of the Sea - A charismatic Elven sailor and oracle of Aereth. Doran was discovered by a group of Aereth's faithful when his extravagant ship came out of the misty seas.

Kathira of the Wind - A steeled, though a bit wistful Elven oracle of Gawern. She was discovered by a group of Garwen's faithful hidden under a glorious cascading set of waterfalls.