Org Leadership Guide

You are the rank 1 or 2 of an Org! Congratulations! Other people’s resources, building, money and other various things are in your hands. Which is great! You get to help a ton of people. But this guide is a list to help you help them.

===The Bank===
If your org is a House or Kinship org, it is very likely that your org is receiving an income. You'll want to distribute that income to the appropriate people. The general rule on House Pay is that 50% stays with the house and 50% goes to the members of the house as their weekly allowance. If your house has 6 members and you are making 12,000 silver a week, your payments will look like this:
Incoming going to the House - 6000
Payments to each member - 1000 each

You must be in the Bank room in Thelos to use these commands. The commands for setting up those payments looks like this:
bank/payments <sender>,<amt>=<receiver>
bank/payments Reymar,1000=Talien --- This pays Talien 1000 silver from the Reymar bank every week.

You will be responsible for how your org builds its various rooms and houses. This means that when you get a new player in your House you will have to help them set up a place to live. All of the commands for how to build are under 'help build room' and a guide on how they all work can be found under 'help building guide'. It is important that you follow the formatting for names and use your city’s color code.

City Color Codes
305 - Thelos
540 - Torendaar
310 - Nasherat
245 - Khelgar
025 - Lorawin
230 - Isalspire

Room Name Format
City - Street - Building - Room Name

===Org Permissions===
As an Org leader, you have access to all the Org permissions! The org permissions can be found by typing ‘org/perm <Your Org Name>’. Lets go over what each of these settings does and how to change them.

The command for changing a permission looks like this:
@org/perm <type>=<rank>,<org name>
@org/perm boot=2,Reymar --- This will allow the rank 1 and 2 people to boot people from the org

Edit - This allows someone to edit the rank descriptions.
Boot - This allows you to kick someone from an org.
Withdraw - Removing funds from the org's bank account
Setrank - Change the rank of someone in the org. (except rank 1 and 2, which needs to be handled by staff)
Invite - Invite someone to your org
Setruler - Change who the ruler of your org is
View - Able to see the org’s general information
Guards - Assigning guards to members of the org
Build - Allows building with the buildroom/org command
Briefing - Allows you to set clues for the whole org to see
Declarations - Allows for making declarations from your org on a proclamation.
Army - Allows for using the org's army commands
Informs - Allows the seeing and deleting of org infoms
transactions - This lets people see what money is coming in and out of the org bank
viewassets - Allows people to see the org's bank information
Memberdesc - Allows for the changing of member descriptions
Motd - Allows for setting a message of the day
Admin_petition - This will let you organize the petitions for your org
View_petition - this allows you to view the petitions on your org