Out Of Character Communication

You have probably already surmised that this stands for Out of Character. It's a command you can use to talk to people that are in the same room as you, but it lets them know you are not talking about things as your character. It can be used for clarity during an rp scene, but is generally discouraged during large scale event scenes. Channels and paging are preferred for OOC communication during those times. It works much the same as speaking on a channel, or using tt (tabletalk) code.

Ex ooc Wait, I have a question!

People will see:
OOC: Ember says, "Wait, I have a question!"

Ex ooc :holds up her hand to ask a question!
People will see:
OOC Ember holds up her hand to ask a question!

This is if you want to ask a specific person (or people) a question and they aren't in the same room as you, or you want to keep it private even if they are. Only the people you send the command to will see what you're saying.

To page one person:
page <name>=<text>

To page multiple people:
Page <person1> <person2>=<text>

Like the channel, tt, and ooc commands, you can use the ':' in order to turn things into a 'pose' via page.

Page <name>=:<action>

The help file for this is actually pretty easy, and contains a good example, so I will just note here that this is yet another form of OOC communication. This one is good for trying to reach someone who isn't connected at the time, and you want to ask them something or advise them of something OOC. Or, want to try and schedule an rp scene with them!

'Help mail' for the commands on how to read, write, and delete 'em!