There are 10 portals known to the Kinships of the Elves. Five in the five regions of the Immortals Lands, and a ring of five matching pairs back in Thelos to connect them. Their origins are unknown, and the symbols that mark their steps and arches are unreadable. Their magic glows with a faint green light, ever pulsing and vibrating with energy.

When one steps through the Portal, there is a moment of darkness that washes over them, blinding their vision and filling their soul with fear. But, just as quickly as that dark feeling sets in, they have passed to the other side and found themselves in a new region. It is a feeling that some find easy to shake and go on with their day. Others, however, feel the dread following them as they go.

The five Kinships have assigned Portal Guardians on both sides of the portal, knowing how precious that quick travel is. Fiercely they protect the regions, letting only those who have been found worthy pass through to the other side. Portal Guardians have been granted permission to kill in the line of duty. They are the only individuals allowed in Thelos to cause harm.