While Ithir is largely a collaborative game, it is built to encourage conflict and conflict resolution. Sometimes that conflict will take the form of player versus player actions. We encourage PvP only when it enriches the story and moves the narrative along.

PvP will never be wholly unrestricted, and should never come as a surprise to either party. Ending someone else's story should really come only as a last resort. If your intention is to fight with and kill another character, you should always talk to staff first about your intentions. Together you will assess the necessity of drastic action given the severity of the risks taken by those involved.

If a combat situation occurs, it is possible that either of those players could die. It is up to those characters to agree to the fight and take the consequences of their actions. Murder is illegal in Aarandor and unwarranted killing will have dire consequences for the characters involved. Make sure the risk is fully acknowledged by both parties before beginning the action.