Rp Etiquette

Roleplay takes on many forms, from table top, to MMO, to forum. Each medium for RP has its own style and etiquette and it is important to understand how to be a good role player in this environment. Here are a few guidelines to follow for our setting:

-Every player has agency over their own characters and their actions, but not the consequences of those actions. IC actions have IC consequences, and the player does not get to decide what those consequences are. You will however be warned if your are making a potentially deadly mistake.
- You can not describe the actions of another character. It is up to them how they will react. Do not force their actions in your poses.
- Some ‘handwaving’ is necessary. While we do enjoy our spreadsheets and numbers, the narrative is the star. Do not get caught up in the logistical details if they are unimportant.
- Public RP is accessible to all. If you are in a public room, it is rude to exclude someone. And it is not allowed to ask them to leave. Everyone should feel welcomed on the public grid.
- Story continuity is important. Our game runs at 3:1 speed and while that isn't something that needs to be adhered to with any sort of intensity, it would be incorrect to say ‘this scene is happening 4 weeks ago on the timeline’. It is important that our game develops in real time to accommodate the ever changing nature of so many characters interacting at once.
- Staff will not punish a player for lack of OOC information and we ask that players do the same. If someone doesn't know it's an insult to draw a sword in Thelos, don't kill them on sight, simply tell them privately and ask if they want to repose with the new knowledge.
- IC and OOC knowledge are kept separate. If you the player learns something that your character wouldn't knew, don't use that information to make IC decisions.
- No using @emit to spoof people. @emit is there to allow a free flowing writing style, please make sure that your characters name is included in your @emit.
- Thought Posing - ie, posing what your character is thinking rather than saying it out loud, is considered bad form. You want to give dialogue for those around you to react to, they are not mind readers.
- Respect a players wishes to keep communication IC only. While we do encourage OOC communication, it is not something that every player welcomes. Please respect their wishes not to chat OOC.
- Be respectful of your fellow players time. If you know you will be a long time between poses due to real life, let them know ahead of time.
- In a large scene, try not to trample over others. A general guideline is to wait for three poses to pass before making your own.
- While long and descriptive poses are a good way to set the scene, don't feel obligated to make each pose multiple paragraphs. The intent of a pose is to communicate. So long as you are giving those around you something to react to, it is sufficient.
- Do not go OOCly exploring the grid. We understand players might want to get used to moving around the grid, just be mindful of not entering buildings or areas that you do not have IC access to. If you wish to break into a building or area ICly, reach out to a GM. Otherwise, exploration of the grid should always be IC.