Relationship Continuity

Because this is a roster game where characters may be played by several different players over their lifetime, it is very important to us to establish boundaries on relationship continuity. Every player will interpret their character differently and we will always err on the side of making the new player feel comfortable with their roles and relationships.

New players to a character are given lots of leeway to interpret why they made the actions and decisions they did in the past. We will not be rewiring history, but we will be giving leniency on interpretation to the new player of an old character.

Any Roleplay or prior agreement that isn't documented by event logs, first impressions, written in game contracts or relationship entries should be taken with a grain of salt. It is difficult for a new player to keep unwritten promises as they have no knowledge of them.

All players are encouraged to keep their relationship files up to date. This is especially true of antagonistic relationships. Give the new player some substance to work with and allow them to interpret the situation for themselves.