Religious Fashion And Symbols

Though there are no clergy of the pantheon who serve only the gods, but there are those who have devoted more time in their service and have taken up the role of priest or priestess. While one is serving in their role, they adorn a hooded cloak baring the marking of their chosen deity in the same colors as the rest of their congregation. The cloaks are as follows:

Acharon - A Barbed Star - Pale blue on a black background
Aereth - A Curling Wave - White on a teal background
Baridon - A Scale - Gold on a red background
Brundir - A Swirling Nebula - Yellow on a blue background
Estril - A Bound Soul - Teal on a gray background
Gala - A Single Flower - Light green on a dark green background
Garwen - A Curling Gust of Wind - White on a light blue background
Glanor - A Dead Tree - Black on a white background
Loran - Open Hands holding a Spark - Gold on a white background
Rithor - A Pair of Crossed Swords - Gray on a dark red background
Torth - A Mountain Peak - White on a dark brown background