Reputation Requests

===Reputation Requests===

Any Leader or Second of an Org (Rank 1 and 2), can put in a +request to have someone's reputation with their org increased or decreased. We want to give leaders the power to help acknowledge the people who are getting involved with and helping out their Org. Non-leaders can also submit reputation bumps for their org leaders as a way to give their leaders a sense of how they are doing. Requests must be backed up by IC evidence. The request must contain the following information:

Character Name: <Character(s) who have been helpful>
IC Accomplishments: <What this character has done to be helpful to your kinship. Be specific. Point to PRPs, Proclamations or events if you can.>

Rules for Reputation Requests:
- Leaders can not request reputation increases for themselves.
- Non-leaders can request a bump for their leader.
- If no active leader or 2nd, anyone can send in a rep bump for that org.
- In the case that a Rank 1 and Rank 2 disagree on a reputation adjustment requested, it is expected they will solve their disagreement ICly. A Rank 1 can request a reverse reputation adjustment, if merited.